be a part of our story

Take an idea, plan and host your own event with proceeds benefitting empowerHER!  These third party fundraising events are INVALUABLE to our programs and allow us to serve more girls at no cost to the families!  We are always here to provide guidance. As you begin your planning process, please review the resources listed below - especially our THIRD PARTY TOOLKIT, and reach out with questions by emailing

It is as simple as 1-2-3. 

1. Download the Toolkit

2. Complete application form

    We have three ways to complete our form:
    - use our online application 
    - email completed printed form to
    - mail completed printed form to empowerHER
      PO Box 395, N. Scituate, MA 02060    

3. Start Fundraising!

What you will need from us:

- empowerHER Third Party Toolkit 
- empowerHER Color Logo (PNG File) 
- empowerHER Color Logo (Vector File) 
- empowerHER Grayscale Logo (PNG File) 
- empowerHER Grayscale Logo (Vector File) 
- empowerHER Tax Exemption Letter/Proof of 501(c)3
- empowerHER Sales Tax Exempt Document
- empowerHER Descriptive Text of Our Organization