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It's OK to talk about loss. At empowerHER we know that talking about loss can be uncomfortable.  But we also know it's uncomfortable to pretend the loss didn't happen at all.  What is the best way to talk about loss? We won't pretend to have all the answers. Instead, we'd like to share some experiences that have helped girls through difficult times.  In our first story, words were not spoken...a simple gesture made all the difference to our founder, Cara Belvin.


"Things that are sad are hard to talk about" by Cara
When I was 9 my mom died and no one knew how to talk about it. So, no one did. Except my neighbor Sam...

Sam didn't know what to say and was afraid to say the wrong thing. So on Mother's Day, when I was in the 5th grade, she gave me Blow Pops, my very favorite treat. She didn't talk about my mom and neither did I. To me the pops said "I'm here if you need a friend or if you need to talk." The thing is Sam didn't need to be afraid because she could never say the wrong thing if she was saying it out of love. 

Sam was very brave. She gave me Blow Pops every Mother's Day for the next ten years. It was the greatest source of comfort for me. And, guess what? Sam and I are still the best of friends!

- stay tuned for more stories of how friendship and talking about loss makes a difference... -