OUR ONE-ON-ONE MENTORSHIP PROGRAM is for girls ages 5-18.  We match young girls with a positive role model from the community and recruit, screen, match and support the mentoring relationship throughout the year. 

Mentorship changes the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people across the country and at empowerHER, our program is tailored to meet the changing needs of the family following loss. empowerHER does not replace the role of the mother or minimize the role of the father, stepmother or other family/friend in the girl's life. Instead, our program is designed to add to the girl's resources with someone to spend time with and look to for advice. Our feedback is that the mentor role is especially helpful to the girl who is navigating middle school and high school years.

Our empowerHER Mentors are women of all ages and experiences from the girl's community. Some have experienced the early loss of their mother and others have not. Our mentors are fully vetted and trained by our Mentor Program Coordinator.  In some instances, we use the mentor program to match a young girl with family friend or other who is already in their life and use the opportunity to help strengthen the relationship. Mentees are offered friendship, motivation, and inspiration to life a fulfilling life!


WHY I MENTOR: “It’s a way of sharing my own life experience of losing my mother when I was a child. My hope is that my story will inspire a young girl to realize that in spite of these circumstances you can leverage it and accomplish or become anything you want. That this doesn’t define you but only gives you the strength and resilience so necessary for a fulfilling life. But like anything it’s an evolution – and to see what’s on the other side can be the necessary motivation and encouragement needed at the beginning”
                                                          -eH Mentor

BECOME A MENTOR:  The mentor program is a one year commitment and mentors commit to spending at least 5 hours per month for a 12 month period. We would love to hear from you! Please apply and we will schedule your Interview in the Spring beginning in March 2018.  CLICK HERE to learn more and to apply.

BECOME A MENTEE:   For all fathers/guardians/girls, please simply CLICK HERE to enroll a girl.  Once enrolled, we will complete an Intake to determine next steps to enrolling in our Group Event and our One-on-One Mentor Program. 



empowerHER offers two types of programs that support the young girl in her own grief journey. Our group events remind the girls they are not alone and our one-on-one mentorship program offers additional support throughout the year.  All programs and activities are at no charge to the family.