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Our 1:1 Mentor Match Program is for girls ages 5-23. empowerHER mentors support the growth and empowerment of each young girl, instilling hope + optimism and building confidence. Our mentors help young girls find their voice and help them to see this beautiful life still at their fingertips.

WHY I MENTOR: “It’s a way of sharing my own life experience of losing my mother when I was a child. I hope my story will inspire a young girl to realize that in spite of these circumstances, she can leverage it and accomplish or become anything she wants...that it will not define her but will give her the strength and resilience necessary for a fulfilling life. But like anything in life, it is an evolution – and to see what’s on the other side can be the motivation and encouragement needed in the beginning”. -eH Mentor

WHAT ROLE DOES THE MENTOR SERVE FOR THE GIRL AND HER FAMILY? Mentorship is changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people across the country. At empowerHER, our program is tailored to meet the changing needs of the family following this tragic loss. empowerHER does not replace the role of the mother or minimize the role of the father, stepmother or other family or friends in the girl's life. Instead, our programs are designed to provide additional support and resources throughout the year for the girl and her family.

WHO MENTORS? empowerHER Mentors are women of all ages, ethnicity, and backgrounds. In some cases, our Mentors are women who can relate to the loss. In other cases, Mentors have not experienced the loss of their mothers, however, they have overcome some of life's greatest challenges and powered through. empowerHER matches a young girl with a woman from "her own community" (i.e. a former teacher, coach, family friend, etc.) and further strengthens the relationship. Mentees are offered friendship, inspiration and support in a safe and nurturing environment under the guides of empowerHER!

HOW DO WE KEEP THE GIRLS SAFE? The safety of each empowerHER young girl is our top priority. Our 1:1 Mentor Match Program conducts a thorough background check on each prospective Mentor. We offer training and ongoing support by closely monitoring every matched relationship. If you should have any further questions about the mentor program, please connect or schedule a call with our Mentor Program Coordinator, Joanie Quealy, R.N., by emailing

BECOME A MENTOR: Mentors commit to spending approximately 5 hours per month for a 12-month period with their mentee. At this time, empowerHER is accepting Mentor Applicants in Connecticut + Massachusetts only. Applicants will undergo a thorough screening and will be lead through the process by our Mentor Program Coordinator, Joanie Quealy, RN.