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Kristin Jordan, Office Manager

We are pleased to welcome Kristin Jordan as our Office Manager.

Diane Burke, Girl Intake Coordinator

Diane served as an administrative volunteer for empowerHER for one year before becoming the first employee for the organization in 2017.  Diane brings enthusiasm and integrity to the position.  In this fast-paced environment, Diane brings flexibility, structure and attention to detail as well as an incredible attention to detail.  Diane’s supportive and positive outlook ensures all staff and volunteers achieve their goals. 

Diane works closely with all corporate partners, donors, and volunteers to grow and expand our community partnerships and maximize all in-kind support.  Diane works closely with all families and supports both the development and mission functions of empowerHER.  Diane has had a long history of critical and supportive roles.  She has held executive positions in human resources and other support roles in the healthcare field, most recently at Southboro Medical Group and Dana Farber Cancer Institute. She is passionate about her family and about supporting all others with a deep commitment to the growth and sustainability of empowerHER. 

Joanie Quealy, Mentor Program Coordinator

Joanie joined the empowerHER family as a volunteer in 2014 after learning about empowerHER’s good work in the community through a local newspaper article.  Joanie donated her time and talent to the Mentor Program for 3 years before joining the staff as the Mentor Program Coordinator in 2017. 

While Joanie cannot relate to the loss, the mission of empowerHER touched her soul.  She is also a devoted member of the empowerHER Board of Directors. Joanie, by profession is a Registered Nurse and has worked with children and young adults for more than 30 years. She spent 17 years at Southboro Medical group working with a team of pediatricians providing well care and urgent care to hundreds of families. Most recently, Joanie worked at Boston College Health Services providing nursing care to campus students.

Allison Daraskevich, Creative Director

Allison began her story at empowerHER as a volunteer in 2016. She designed and coordinated the graphic components of the first-ever large gala and has been invested in our mission ever since.  Allison donated her time and talent to the website redesign, created marketing collateral, and built the empowerHER brand as a volunteer committed to furthering the mission of empowerHER.  As a result of our exponential growth, Allison was hired as the first Creative Director in 2017 and helps to tell the empowerHER story through various mediums. 

With over 20 years’ experience in design, Allison brings with her a broad background working with various industries - from restaurant groups, to architects and accountants. She finds her work at empowerHER to be the most meaningful to date as empowerHER gives these most inspiring girls a voice and is proud to be a part of the amazing empowerHER family.

Kristan Pavona, Volunteer Coordinator (Volunteer Position)

Kristan first became involved with empowerHER as an Events Coordinator for the annual yoga event and was in awe of how empowerHER touched the lives of these young women. She assumed the role of Volunteer Coordinator of the 2017 Gala, and as a result, transitioned into her current role as the Volunteer, Volunteer Coordinator. 

In her past life, Kristan served as a Project Manager until 2009 when she made the life-changing decision to stay at home with her two children, AJ and Graziella. In her spare time, she loves traveling, playing tennis and spending time with her family. She is honored to spread the beautiful mission of empowerHER and build upon and manage the amazing army of dedicated volunteers.