be a part of our story

and help us to serve girls in your community. empowerHER is thriving in Massachusetts and Connecticut. However, with your commitment and support, it will be possible to replicate our programs in other areas of the country.

What do we need to begin serving girls in your community?
Simply put, empowerHER will need the necessary funding to support a Chapter in a new state. A minimum $125,000 is required to safely and effectively organize and administer a Chapter. Girls at empowerHER are standing taller, no longer feeling alone in their grief, and receive the support of countless volunteers who show them they care. Our volunteers help a girl to see that we can hold both grief + joy. With your help, we can make this a reality for girls in your community as well!



Read the descriptions below and sign up for the role that fits best.

LEADER: You are passionate about our cause and ready to make a commitment to bring our programs to your community. You will lead local Ambassadors in spreading awareness, recruiting volunteers and raising critical funds. You will work closely with our staff and commit to monthly calls to track progress and map out next steps!

AMBASSADOR: You are passionate about our cause and ready to pitch in! You are more of a behind the scenes, boots on the ground, type of volunteer. Ambassadors are our Leader’s passionate army of volunteers! You will roll up your sleeves to help plan a fundraiser - or at least bring your friends to it! You will find local resources for us to collaborate with and help identify the needs of your community. You will commit to monthly calls with your local Leader.

FRIEND: You are passionate about our cause and will help spread the word in your community. Like our founding volunteers, you will wait for the call from a local Leader to lend a hand offer support when you can. You cannot commit to monthly phone calls, but are committed to the cause and want to stay in the know!

CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT: Please read our Confidentiality Agreement in full HERE before you complete this form.