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Frequently Asked Questions by PARENTS & GUARDIANS 

  1. What is the time commitment for mentees in this program? Each mentee is asked to commit to approximately 5 hours per month for a 12 month period with their Mentor. This commitment may consist of one-to-one activities, group outings, and communication via phone, email and text.

  2. Is the parent/guardian responsible for the cost of any or all activities with their mentee? The mentor program is no cost to the mentee or parent/guardian. empowerHER mentors are encouraged to plan low cost or no cost activities aimed at the mentee's interest. Often times Mentors will take advantage of outings, activities or experiences empowerHER offers (through community partnerships with the Celtics, Red Sox, theater groups, salons, fitness centers and more).

  3. If special circumstances arise, what steps would a mentee take if they can no longer keep up with the required commitment? We understand that there will be circumstances and events in one’s life that will arise that may cause them to no longer be able to commit to the mentor program. empowerHER works through the process, following guidelines outlined in our policy & procedural manual created with technical support from Mass Mentor Partnerships (MMP).

  4. Will there be supervision of the mentee at all times? All activities between the mentor and mentee will be approved by the parent or guardian in advance and we encourage the family and the mentor to brainstorm activities together. The mentor will always be present during meeting times with the mentee. Certain events such as group outings or retreats will have other mentor and mentee pairs present.

  5. Are all interested mentees accepted into the program? Mentees must be a girl between the ages of 5-23 who have experienced the loss of their mother. Mentees may be referred to the program by a family member, family friends, school personnel or other members from the community who "know and love the girl". If the parent/guardian is interested in their youth becoming a part of the mentoring program, they will complete an Intake with our Intake Coordinator to gather additional information.

  6. Will any personal information be shared on the mentee? All personal information will be kept confidential. The Mentee application and all Intake Forms will remain confidential. A Media Consent will be obtained by the parent/guardian for all photo shares and a Consent to Exchange of Information will be obtained by the parent/guardian if we information is to be shared with the school, pediatrician, or other. All personal information is kept confidential and we adhere to Massachusetts privacy and security policies.

  7. Does empowerHER host any events in which the parents/guardians are able to participate in? We are hard at work planning additional events throughout the year for the families to include siblings and other family members and close friends. Please check with your Mentor for more information about upcoming events.

  8. Who is in charge of transporting the mentee to various activities? In order for the Mentor to transport the Mentee, they must pass a driving record check. Each mentor is responsible for signing a contract that states they will always obey traffic laws when in the presence of the Mentee.

Any questions or concerns can be addressed with the Mentor Program Coordinator, Joanie Quealy, RN, at or by contacting our Founder, Cara Belvin, at