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Since you are already enrolled at empowerHER, requesting a Mentor is easy!  If you have not yet enrolled, you will simply need to enroll HERE!  Once enrolled, we will schedule an Intake Appointment to begin the match process. You will also begin to receive all invitations to each group event that takes place throughout the year.

Our 1:1 MENTOR MATCH PROGRAM is currently offered in Massachusettes + Connecticut only at this time.  Please check back in the Summer of 2019 for additional states offering this impactful program!

If you should have any questions about the mentor program, please schedule a call to our Mentor Program Coordinator, Joan Quealy, R.N., by emailing

Any questions or concerns can be addressed with the Mentor Program Coordinator, Joanie Quealy, RN, at or by contacting our Founder, Cara Belvin, at